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Malware 'Slingshot' found infecting routers in Middle East and Africa

Kaspersky Labs has just uncovered a sophisticated malware that appears to have been active for at least six years. The program is particularly insidious since its core is installed on a router rather than a computer. Researchers have named it “Slingshot” after some text that was found in the malware’s code.

According to a report put out by Kaspersky, Slingshot is not just a simple bit of malicious programming. In fact, the paper describes it as an “attack platform” able to perform many tasks including data gathering, screenshots, keylogging, clipboard monitoring, network, USB, and password data exfiltration, and more.

The program is highly sophisticated and appears to be used for cyberespionage. The researchers say it is similar to Project Sauron and Regin, but more advanced.

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